White-label solutions

We provide white-label digital platforms that will ensure your business maintains a powerful connection with its customers.  Our platforms help companies engage with their customers, and it is tailored to your targeted objectives or requirements, ranging from loyalty rewards to customer insights and much more.

The platform keeps the users engaged in constant activities, reward them with points that can be used to redeem prizes while achieving the specific objectives of your brand. Some of these objectives can be:

Awareness – Increase the awareness of the brand with activities that will generate electronic word of mouth.

Collect insights – Collect powerful insights about consumers and use them for remarketing purposes.

Attract new clients with the help of current customers, strategic activities and the power of influencers.

Increase customer loyalty – keep the customers engaged with special activities, targeted benefits and reward their loyalty.

The key benefits of our white-label platforms:



Data collection & processing is GDPR compliant with automated processes for user’s rights.

Accurate database

All users go through a verification process to validate ownership and accuracy of personal data.

Real-time statistics

The system generates automated statistics and reports for activities & data (with users’ consent)



Based on the insights gathered, we can perform targeted sales to the members of our platforms.